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What’s In Your Portfolio?

All Messari research team members have been required to disclose crypto holdings that represent >5% of their portfolios, and have done so in this document that’s updated monthly.

Messari’s research team covers deep-dive market trends and does a ton of on-chain data analysis. Team members provide research on a day-to-day basis and, for the most part, break down and discuss new crypto projects/initiatives way before the masses.

That said, the team probably knows a whole lot more than the folks ranting about crypto on Twitter, and the talking heads on TV…

So if you’re looking to gain more exposure to crypto assets apart from BTC and ETH, this (view chart here) may be a good starting point.

Interesting Findings:

  • Of the 30 employees who reported holdings, 90% hold ETH whereas only 60% hold BTC
  • DOGE and SHIB are nowhere to be found 🤔 (or, at least don’t represent any allocations >5%)
  • SOL, LUNA, DOT, and ATOM are the most popular coins held apart from BTC and ETH

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