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Why Bitcoin is Different

Many alternatives to Bitcoin have been proposed since 2011 and none of them have even come close to displacing Bitcoin in terms of price, usage or security. So what gives? Why does Bitcoin seem to have a special place in the ecosystem? Why is Bitcoin different? This article explores two unique aspects that make Bitcoin different than everything else.

Crypto Exchange Bittrex Is Taking New Customers Again

Seattle-based cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex is now accepting new user registrations for the first time in months. It’s safe to say volume and price action will follow.


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Ripple Has Tried to Buy Its Way Onto Major Exchanges

Ripple has a problem. When it comes to obtaining a coveted listing for XRP on two of the top U.S. cryptocurrency exchanges, it hasn’t been able to close the deal.

Yet, It isn’t for lack of trying. Last year, the San Francisco-based company suggested paying financial incentives to the venues, Gemini and Coinbase. But there’s a major headwind in that effort: U.S. officials have warned unlicensed exchanges not to list tokens that could be deemed securities.

The Five Keys to Crypto Evolution

Bitcoin has a huge opportunity. It lost the first battle but it survived. Now it can retreat and regroup. Most importantly it can evolve. But how? Evolve into what?

Let’s take a look at five essential changes that will make decentralized cryptos unstoppable.


🎙[Podcast] Zcash’s Zooko Wilcox on Why He Believes Privacy Coins Will Be Used More for Good Than Bad

Zooko Wilcox, the founder and CEO of Zcash, explains why he wanted to create the privacy coin Zcash, why he believes privacy is essential to decentralization, and how encryption is the way censorship-resistance can be created on a technical level. He also discusses the revelation that the NSA was targeting Bitcoin users by gathering details on their devices.

Could Blockchain Technology Help Avoid Another Cambridge Analytica?

Facebook and Google offer free services in exchange for user data, but that data can be misused. Could blockchain technology help users regain control of their information?


There Goes India’s Cryptocurrency Market

The Reserve Bank of India banned banks from allowing people to transfer money from their bank account into Bitcoin wallets this week.

Coinbase in Talks to Become SEC-Regulated Brokerage

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest platforms for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, has met with SEC officials in recent weeks about registering its business with the agency. The step would allow Coinbase to expand the group of assets it offers to include digital tokens that the SEC has argued are securities.


Here’s an updated Bitcoin (BTC) chart based on the Brave New Coin Index.

Note the projected repeat of BTC’s price performance in 2013. Who knows if the repeat will happen, but so far the pattern is holding. Now that ETFs are about to go live, that might be the needed catalyst for the push to $100,000.

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