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The Tides Have Turned

Introducing eGirl Capital, a VC firm run by 12 anonymous cartoon characters and two “doxxed” individuals, that has so far invested up to $10M in crypto projects.

The fact that people are trusting faceless, completely anonymous fund managers just goes to show how far we have come. Will there be others just like it? Probably. Will some become scams? You betcha. Are these unusually structured VCs actually successful? Well, it’s too early to tell.

For example, most of eGirl’s investments are still in their early stages, but they continue to invest in projects supported by other legendary investors. Simply put, people are taking eGirl Capital seriously.

And it’s not only fund managers as people every day are buying tokens, NFTs, and other projects from anonymous teams. 

Crypto and the emergence of Web 3.0 continues to slowly change the zeitgeist, forcing people to look past the individuals and focus on what they have to offer.

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