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Starbucks Teams Up With Polygon

Starbucks Odyssey

The NFT craze has officially hit the world’s largest coffeehouse chain.

Starbucks, a multinational company with $29 billion in revenue in 2021, announced the launch of Starbucks Odyssey on Monday. Under the program, participants can access “new, immersive coffee experiences” by earning and buying special Polygon NFTs.

Much to the delight of NFT investors and Polygon (MATIC) holders.

The Starbucks Odyssey

Starbucks already has a strong loyalty program in place. What Starbucks Odyssey does is enhance it through web3 technology. Specifically, Polygon NFTs.

Reward program members have the opportunity to participate in Starbuck Odyssey “journeys.” Journeys can be a range of things, such as playing a game or taking coffee knowledge quizzes, but they all have the same prize: a “journey stamp” NFT.

Journey stamps come in varying rarities. The rarer the stamp, the better the benefits. Benefits include everything from virtual martini-making classes to trips to the Starbucks coffee farm in Costa Rica.

All journey stamps are also tradeable on Starbucks’ built-in NFT marketplace. This means that if you aren’t keen on taking coffee quizzes, you can simply buy the stamp. Likewise, if you don’t care about virtual cocktail classes, you can sell the stamp and potentially make a nice profit. 

We have to give credit where credit is due. This is a pretty cool idea

With partnerships like these, it is hard not to be bullish on the future of Polygon NFTs. 

And with Starbucks bringing NFTs and crypto to potentially millions of new users, it’s one more positive sign for crypto as a whole as well.

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