📌 Satoshi’s Vision, Bitcoin NOT Blockchain, and Inside the SEC Machine


Nuanced Analysis of LocalBitcoins Data Suggests Bitcoin is Working as Satoshi Intended

Give credit to Matt Ahlborg for taking the time to crunch through this emerging market data. 👊

“As a final takeaway, consider that in the 4th quarter of 2018, as Bitcoin price and interest seemed to hit their doldrums, 23 countries on LocalBitcoins.com (LBC) had their best quarters ever. Almost all of these countries are in the developing world.”

One decade in and it’s looking like Satoshi’s grand plan of providing financial freedom is finally coming to fruition. Just last week, LBC Venezuela volumes reached an all-time high.

We know we’ve touched on this story in the past but it’s worth the reminder. We’re looking at one of the most bullish fundamental indicators in the space and it certainly doesn’t seem like this trend will stagger anytime soon.


Former Mt. Gox CEO Throws Cold Water on Brock Pierce’s Plan to Relaunch the Infamous Exchange

The man behind the much-maligned crypto exchange Mt. Gox is throwing cold water on one crypto billionaire’s plan to revive the company.

Last week, controversial crypto investor Brock Pierce went on a media blitz to share his plan to reboot Mt. Gox.

Pierce, who claims to own the majority of the defunct firm, is heading a “Gox Rising” movement with the goal to maximize creditor recovery though a quick payout. The next step would be to set up a new exchange in which all of the victims of the original Mt. Gox scam have an ownership stake represented by a token.



Is Amazon Legally Obligated to Pay You?

After 24 years of steady growth, Amazon has been accused of being anticompetitive.

And it’s been quietly slapped with a “tax” that’s worth more than $938.2 million every single year.

Now, thanks to U.S. law, you can claim your slice of this jackpot and collect up to $48,000 over the next year.

All you’ll need to do is follow the steps in this presentation.



The Case for Electronic Cash

Regardless of how you feel about crypto, let’s try to be cognizant of the major societal impact of financial surveillance and censorship. Here’s a paper from CoinCenter presenting several case studies demonstrating the issues at hand.

This is why privacy is at the epicenter of the new digital age. As CoinCenter argues – without cryptocurrency, a cashless society is a surveillance society.


Mapping the Crypto Market

Crypto’s market map continues to grow in both its complexity and in its structure. This post seeks to present a framework of the burgeoning crypto industry, with select examples in their respective segments. Best of all, it’s not too exhaustive.


Bitcoin Fees Drop to 4-Year Low as Transaction Count Continues Rise

Bitcoin transactions hit a one-year high last month nearing levels seen in the 2017 ramp up to the price boom. Additionally, according to research from Diar, the median fee has dropped to mere cents after seeing numbers as high as $35 just over one year ago.


Demystifying Blockchain Not Bitcoin

Here’s a conversation that needs to happen now. David Nage have been part of the family office community for the last decade and has been working to educate peers on crypto for the last two years…

This article comes on the heels of two private luncheons of his this week, where crypto was discussed amongst other investment themes. The popular, but incorrect catch phrase, “blockchain, not Bitcoin” came up several times and so he attempted to identify several drivers of this narrative.



The #1 Pot Stock Industry Insiders Rave About

Former Speaker of the House, John Boehner – once the cannabis industry’s most staunch opponent – just revealed an UNCENSORED prediction about America’s most controversial, misunderstood, and what’s quickly becoming our most lucrative industry.

He sat down with the industry’s biggest players to cover everything you need to know about America’s next unstoppable economic revolution – including how cannabis could become our next $1 trillion industry… every step towards full legalization… and how the average American can profit from this explosive phenomenon.

If you missed seeing this historic announcement live, go here for a special rebroadcast.



A View from Inside the SEC Machine

Our favorite cryptomom, Hester Peirce, just criticized her fellow SEC commissioners over the Bitcoin ETF approval process while speaking at the University of Missouri Law School. Here’s the copy of the candid speech advocating for more innovation within the SEC.




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