📌 Crypto’s Wealthiest, 2018 Outlook, And Your Chart of the Week


Cryptocurrencies Come to Campus

College students around America are rushing to fill courses on blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Schools such as Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Duke, and MIT illustrate the fascination with the technology across several academic fields, and the assumption that it will outlast the current speculative price bubble.

Unchained Podcast: Wences Casares on How Bitcoin Makes a Fairer World

Growing up in Argentina, Wences Casares watched his family lose all their money due to actions of the government. On this podcast, Wences describes how this experience predisposed him to seeing the potential in Bitcoin earlier than most people, and why the company he founded, Xapo, isn’t just a Bitcoin wallet company but his best effort at helping to ensure that Bitcoin succeeds. Wences also discusses why he believes there’s a more than 50% chance that Bitcoin is worth $1 million in five to ten years.


Join an exclusive gathering of some of the smartest minds in crypto. Global investment syndicate, Seraph VC, is hosting a 3-day event in Austin, TX exploring the cutting edge of the crypto-asset space. Speakers include the founders of Factom (FCT), ZenCash (ZEN), Unchained Capital & more. Get your tickets here.

What You May Not Understand About Crypto’s Millionaires

Earlier this week, the Satoshi Roundtable, an invite only event that includes a number of key players in the industry was held. There were several crypto-billionaires in attendance and many crypto-multimillionaires, but the topic of money almost never came up. Rather, this was a conference of people committed to economic freedom, privacy, and individual empowerment.

The Richest People In Cryptocurrency

An interesting look at some of the richest people in cryptocurrency and how they compare to the Forbes 400 list of the wealthiest Americans.


The State of the Token Market: A Year in Review and an Outlook for 2018

In this report, TokenData reviews the state of the token market in 2017, and explores the importance of some of the most critical developments expected to take place in the year ahead.


An insider’s account of Korea’s “Kimchi Premium”

In last weeks CoinSnacks’ Weekly Digest we covered how some traders are making millions of dollars on what is called “The Kimchi Premium,” that is when people acquire bitcoin and then sell it in Korea for a hefty premium. This week though, South Korean officials have been cracking down hard on the country’s freewheeling market. Among the biggest victims are shadowy groups that profited handsomely from the arbitrage.

Hong Kong Orders Exchanges to Delist Securities Tokens

Hong Kong’s securities regulator appears to be stepping up efforts to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges involved with initial coin offerings (ICOs). In a statement released Friday, Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) revealed it has sent warning letters to seven cryptocurrency exchanges advising that certain tokens being traded on their platforms may be defined as securities.

The Crypto Candidate for Congress

A roster of prominent crypto investors has piled in to support a first-time Democratic congressional candidate, Brian Forde. Brian was the former director of digital currency at MIT’s Media Lab and hopes to stop overly aggressive regulation from driving the U.S. cryptoasset industry overseas.

Some Governments Want to Shut Down Crypto But They Don’t Know How

A narrative that is constantly pushed in headlines is that a stateless currency will never happen because governments won’t let it happen. This post explains why many governments want to shut down bitcoin, but why governments will be constrained from doing so in the real world.


For those with belief that Ethereum Classic (ETC) will make a comeback relative to Ethereum (ETH), this is a pretty attractive entry point. At the current location within the existing trend channel, it would end the year at about $155.

The broader range of the channel shows $50 – $500 by year’s end depending on whether it’s at the bottom or top of the channel. So… worst case scenario? A double. Best case? 20x. Not bad.

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