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Crypto Market Recap, Forecasts and Outrageous Predictions for 2018

Astronaut Capital’s, Matt Dibb, gives an informal review of the cryptocurrency market in 2018, his experience, what he likes, doesn’t like, and some outrageous predictions for the next 12 months.

A Blockchain Building in Bushwick

A new project, Meridio, aims to demonstrate that blockchain can enable online sales of fractional shares of residential or commercial real estate properties.

Starting with an experiment in Bushwick, New York, Meridio is attempting to create a new real estate industry where everyone can participate.



The Ethereum-blockchain size has exceeded 1TB, and yes, it’s an issue

⚖ The Argument: Ethereum’s runaway data directory size is just the tip… Larger blocks ultimately centralize validators

📝 The Prediction: It will all work, until it doesn’t. Ethereum will implement a blocksize cap and it will race Bitcoin Cash to both of their deaths

🤷‍♂️ The Suggestion: Transpose & stop using centralized blockchains

Here’s the controversial full story.

The Realistic Lucrative Case of an Ethereum Classic Attack

With the recent 51% attacks going on in various currencies (Bitcoin Gold, Verge, etc), Husam Abbuoud does a deep dive into what more of these attacks would look like.

The Security Token Thesis

Professor Stephen McKeon defines security tokens as any blockchain based representation of value that is subject to regulation under security laws. That includes tokens representing traditional assets like equity, debt, derivatives, and real estate, and it also includes pre-launch utility tokens that are deemed securities by the SEC.

In this article, he focuses on the traditional asset segments and lays out the reasons why security tokens dominate other methods of recording and trading ownership claims.



Copy. Paste. Profit.

The Signal Profits community is a group of like-minded individual investors that have stuck together through the thick-and-thin of this evolving market.

It’s where all the action takes place…

+ Daily Buy and Sell signals

+ Market & Trade Updates

+ Deep-dive Technical Charts and Analysis

…you name it.

But it’s also a place where members can connect, debate, and learn from one another’s past experiences.

Join crypto experts Jacob Canfield, Mark Moss, and the Signal Profits community – all 7 days of the week – and learn how to trade like a pro… without years of study and hours of technical analysis.



🚨 U.S. Launches Criminal Probe into Bitcoin Price Manipulation

The investigation is focused on illegal practices that can influence prices — such as spoofing, or flooding the market with fake orders to trick other traders into buying or selling.

This is a GOOD thing for the crypto markets.

Why Treating All Tokens as Securities Would Harm Innovation

It has been suggested by a few folks in Congress that ALL tokens (yes, even Bitcoin) be treated as securities. But this misguided thinking would be devastating for US innovation.

Compliance would be technically impossible for decentralized networks, and exchange of crypto-tokens would become inaccessible to US persons overnight. Here’s an analysis by crypto thought-leader Peter Van Valkenburgh.

🕵 Securities and Exchange Commission Charges Yet Another ICO with Fraud

On Tuesday, the SEC released a press release stating that they have charged Titanium Blockchain Infrastructure Services (which has raised over $21 million so far) and its founder, self proclaimed “blockchain evangelist”, Michael Alan Stollery with fraud.



Stepping back a bit, here’s a longer term perspective for Bitcoin (BTC). It’s clear that all of the moving averages are compressing. At the current rate, the 50 day, 100 day & 200 day will finally meet up with the 360 day moving average near the end of June.

It’s possible that this may happen sooner, but it looks like it will be somewhere between June 15th – 30th. Once that happens, the price is likely to either bounce strongly and begin a new ascent….OR begin a new decline.

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