📌 Nomics’ Exchange Ratings, Flash Boys 2.0, and Binance’s Blockchain


Big Corporates Back Crypto ‘Plumbing’ Despite Currency Caution

VC and corporate investments in crypto/blockchain startups have raced to $850 million so far this year, as shown by Reuters.

The 13 deals put the flows on track for a second straight annual record. 🚀


The World’s Largest Crypto Exchange Has Launched its Own Blockchain

Binance launched its own digital ledger as the fast-growing company seeks to leverage its clout to get developers to switch projects from rival platforms such as Ethereum to its own native blockchain.

The distributed ledger, dubbed Binance Chain, will allow crypto startups to issue coins directly on the company’s platform. It will also serve as the basis of Binance’s planned decentralized exchange, which will let customers trade more directly than on centralized exchanges. The Malta-based exchange’s native coin, known as BNB, will move off the Ethereum network to the new blockchain.



Turn $500 into $650,000 — Without Risking a DIME on Stocks

Former Lehman Brothers executive reveals one of Wall Street’s best kept secrets. A proven system for turning $500 into $650,000 (or more)—without touching the stock market. In fact, this system is responsible for the most profitable investment of all time!

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Bitcoin in Heavy Accumulation

What we have here is arguably one of the best written reports on the current state of Bitcoin for the year. Tuur Demeester and Michiel Lescrauwaet – co-founders of Adamant Capital – collectively break down Bitcoins accumulation data while drawing significant parallels between its current cycle and what we witnessed in 2014-2015.

🎥 Too much to read? Watch this surprisingly accurate 10-min video recapping the entire report.


Nomics’ Exchange Transparency Ratings

Last week, Clay Collins of Nomics shared some interesting research and commentary on crypto exchange data, transparency, and volumes – all of which stem from the Bitwise fake exchange volume report that shook the entire industry last month.

If you’d rather just jump to the ratings themselves, you can go to their exchange index page here.


I’m Not an International Drug Dealer… So Why Do I Need Privacy?

This one’s for all the folks at home who say “I’ve got nothing to hide!

If we do not value our privacy today, and do not put into place mechanisms to protect, preserve, and enhance our privacy using technology, then we create the conditions for a future where our privacy has no value, and cannot be protected, preserved, or enhanced.


🤖 Flash Boys 2.0

Researchers from Cornell University recently uncovered a batch of arbitrage bots that are swiftly profiting $20,000 per day off ordinary decentralized exchange users…

We know some of these PDFs are scary lengthy, so here’s a CCN article summing it all up.



Claim Your Free Pot Stock Guide

Our friends from Seven Figure Publishing recently put together a full, step-by-step guide to making money with pot stocks. Just like crypto 18-months ago, the cannabis industry today is booming.

So we wanted to make sure that you got your copy of this timely guide, free of charge, sent over to you right away.

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🇺🇸 Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang Calls for ‘Clear Guidelines’ on Crypto

Andrew Yang, one of a number of candidates looking to take on U.S. president Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election, has released a new policy statement for crypto-assets.




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