📌 Kraken Snaps Back, Amazon’s Blockchain Project, and Your Chart of the Week


Mt. Gox and the Surprising Redemption of Bitcoin’s Biggest Villain

Mark Karpelès led the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange before a mysterious heist made it go bust. As clues emerge and Bitcoin’s price surges, Karpelès is on the hunt for answers.

In this report, Karpelès shares for the first time the full details of what he says really happened in the final days of Mt. Gox—including his account of how he stumbled onto 200,000 Bitcoins.

Amazon’s New Blockchain Service To Compete with Similar Products From Oracle and IBM

As major tech corporations build infrastructure for people to build new cryptoasset projects on, the space will become more and more exciting.

Amazon launching these blockchain templates is a great step forward for improving blockchain technology – even while their customers are still trying to pinpoint exactly what blockchain can do for them.

A Former Top Wall Street Regulator Turns to the Blockchain

Gary Gensler was one of the top financial regulators in the Obama administration, the finance chief for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and, before both of those jobs, a partner at Goldman Sachs.

Now, like many other big names from business and government, he is plunging into the world of the blockchain.

OK Blockchain Capital Wants to Inject $100M Into the EOS Ecosystem

It does not happen all that often that exchanges and trading platforms openly provide financial support to specific cryptocurrencies.

OK Blockchain Capital, operated by OK Group, will finance emerging blockchain projects. Their current plan of attack calls for supporting the EOS ecosystem and its supernode venture.


Bitcoin Data Science: HODL Waves

A very interesting post (with some great charts) from Unchained Capital exploring the macroscopic shifts that have occurred in Bitcoin’s ownership through history.

Venezuela’s Cryptocurrency Represents a Big Problem

If individuals and corporations use cryptocurrencies to evade third party controls, why wouldn’t governments do the same?


New Tech Investment Recommendation

Jeff Brown, Editor of The Near Future Report recently released his prediction about Bitcoin (BTC) – unveiling a short-term catalyst that many crypto enthusiasts have surprisingly overlooked.

Now, after Bitcoin has finally pulled back, he predicts what will happen to the cryptocurrency market… and what his favorite investment of 2018 is.


Unleash the Kraken

After the New York Attorney General submitted a request to the San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken for client information, the exchange responded by releasing a lengthy, well-written clarification of its stance on regulation in epic fashion.

Now let’s hope it catches the regulators’ attention.

California Takes ‘First Step’ Toward Embracing Blockchain With New Bill

SB 838 is designed to introduce cryptography-fueled security into the issuance and transfer of corporate share certificates.

While Senator Hertzberg’s bill is unique and targets specific functions within financial services, California will be joining other Western states that are also adopting blockchain technology. 


syscoin chart
Syscoin (SYS), the decentralized marketplace project developed by the Blockchain Foundry, is gearing up towards a huge announcement on April 30th with the release of its new 3.0 protocol and masternodes. It dipped slightly earlier this week but climbed back above the .382 support and has held it’s support very well. A strong trade, but we recommend setting a tight stop loss in case the masternode release gets delayed again like it did in March.

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