📌 Exclusive Interview with Nomics CEO, Crypto College Courses, and Bitmain Troubles


Introducing Nomics: Our Favorite New Crypto Tool & CoinMarketCap Competitor

In our inaugural interview, we sat down with Clay Collins, co-founder of Nomics, a startup that is working to grow the decentralized financial system by “making it accessible, useful and understandable to investors.”

We wanted to learn more about what Nomics is working on and to get Clay’s personal take on the crypto space as of 2018. Here’s what he had to say. 👇👇


The Rise of Crypto in Higher Education

Coinbase has released a study showing that universities around the country are adding crypto-related courses to meet the rising demand from students.

Coinbase reviewed course catalogs at the top 50 universities and found cryptocurrency classes across a variety of departments, including anthropology and finance — not only computer science.

They also found some interesting tidbits about students feelings towards cryptocurrency, as seen in the image below…



Remember the Ethereum Ponzi Scheme Game? It Just Paid Out 3 Million Dollars

Earlier this month we talked about the viral blockchain-based ponzi game, Fomo3d, that “might never end” and could be going on for “years to come.” Well… here’s an update:

An individual just won the game by outsmarting everyone involved – including the developers – earning himself a solid $3M check.

Here are the ninja skills (detailed explanation) the jackpot winner used to pull it all off.


💣 The Disruptability Index

On one hand, dreamers believe in the inevitable decentralization of everything. On the other, the cynics argue that consumers don’t care about decentralization and will stick with the services they already use. As so often is the case, the truth lies somewhere in the middle.

Here are 8 risk factors that make a centralized network effect business susceptible to decentralized disruption.


A History of Bitmain

As Bitmain gears up for an IPO, here’s an insightful break down on their history from the very beginning… all of which suggests more problems are quietly brewingunder the hood for the world’s most profitable crypto company. 👀


Ripple’s CTO: XRP is more decentralized than BTC, and ETH

Last week, Ripple’s CTO David Schwartz evidentially ruffled some feathers inside the crypto community after claiming Ripple (XRP) is “more decentralized” than Bitcoin AND Ethereum.

Of course, many people are still not convinced in the first place…

In addition, folks quickly pointed out that over 81% of the total XRP is held by the top 100 largest XRP accounts, as shown here.



🚨 $100 of Bitcoin (BTC) Is Calling Your Name

We’re giving folks the chance to win $100 of bitcoin.

We like crypto, you like crypto – so it’s about time to put our money where our mouth is. 💰

All you have to do is click this link to get started.



Not so fast? SEC to review decision rejecting bitcoin ETFs

Yes, no?

How about… who knows?

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can’t seem to make up their mind, saying last Thursday they will review their latest decision to block nine bitcoin-based ETFs from coming to market.

The ETF news does not mean that the ETFs will be approved. Each commissioner has the right to request a formal review of a rule rejection. So of course, crypto’s favorite SEC Commisioner Hester Peirce came through again, requesting another review of the hearing.

Our takeaway? We know most people are eagerly waiting an ETF, but personally we won’t be disappointed if this batch ultimately gets denied. Most of the ETFs here are more derivatives betting on bitcoin (promoting downward price pressure). Instead, we’re looking forward to more physically backed ETFs (physically backed = when investors buy shares, the fund buys tokens) as they promote upward price pressure thanks to the law of supply and demand.

What’s next? Keep your eye on a possible dip in the marketplace if and when the SEC reaffirms their rejections.


🇨🇳 China Is Getting Even Tougher on Cryptocurrencies a Year After Its Crackdown

Financial officials in an eastern district of Beijing issued a notice last week to stores, hotels and offices urging them not to host any cryptocurrency-related speeches, events or activities. This same notice said that authorities were acting on behalf of a working group led by the central bank to clean up cryptocurrency trading. 🚨

So, China looks to continue their crackdown, but it doesn’t seem to be stopping the crypto movement there…

Eric Meltzer shared his thoughts, asking people to simply look at the Chinese exchange scene activity to see how effective the government has been with previous restrictions.


🇻🇪 A Cryptocurrency (Not Named Petro) is Making Huge Inroads In Venezuela

Last week, we spoke about the Venezuelan government’s attempt on a native cryptocurrency called the petro. For obvious reasons the controversial coin hasn’t really taken off in the country… But interestingly enough, Dash, a top 15 cryptocurrency seems to be filling in the gap.

Here’s why the quick transaction protocol is now seeing “tens of thousands” of wallet downloads every month… in addition to impressive retailer adoption rates.



We are starting to see patterns playout for Etherparty (FUEL) that makes us believe it’s preparing for a strong run. It has exited it’s down channel, and has been accumulating along it’s all-time low trend line. The coin also has a great daily volume of $9.35M, so we’re optimistic.

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