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Examples of Utility

Take a break from the charts and that number-go-up mindset for a moment and check out some of the real-life crypto/blockchain use-cases coming to fruition this week…

1.) Dish (DISH) announced a partnership with Helium (HNT) to help expand 5G network

The Details: Dish is racing to build a nationwide 5G wireless network and enlisted the help of Helium to extend the signal through customer hotspots.

The plan incentivizes customers to install transmitters in their homes to host hotspots, in turn earning rewards.

2.) First tokenized “ILO” goes live

Backdrop: We first covered the concept of ILO’s back in December but it’s worth a refresher. The “initial litigation offering,” or ILO takes its inspiration from initial coin offerings (ICOs), but instead opens up retail investment in litigation finance, a primarily private field that some expect to reach $20 billion in revenue in a matter of years.

The Details: The first-ever ILO revolves around the case of Apothio, LLC v. Kern County, California. The plaintiff says that Kern County’s Sheriff Department destroyed Apothio’s cropland in 2019, with officials alleging that the Apothio’s hemp crop had exceeded its legal THC limits. The suit seeks up to $1 billion in damages.

The ILO went on sale yesterday, seeking $5 million in investment from retail users on Republic’s platform. (Users who want to participate will have to create Avalanche wallets to receive the tokens)

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