📌 Crypto Goes Hollywood, Ripple Bets on Gaming, and Altcoin Season is Here?


How a Bitcoin Evangelist Made Himself Vanish, in 15 (Not So Easy) Steps

In October 2017, a SWAT team descended on Jameson Lopp’s house in North Carolina. Someone — it still isn’t clear who — had called the police and falsely claimed that a shooter at the home had killed someone and taken a hostage. After the police left, Mr. Lopp received a call threatening more mayhem if he did not make a large ransom payment in Bitcoin.

From that point on, Mr. Lopp decided he was going to make it much harder for his enemies — and anyone else — to find him ever again. But he wanted to do it without giving up internet access and moving to a shack in the woods.

Many celebrities and wealthy people, wary of thieves, paparazzi and other predators, have tried to achieve Mr. Lopp’s vision of complete privacy. Few have succeeded.


Investing in Bitcoin – an Investment Thesis on BTC’s Global Trends

When these two gurus (Hasu & Su Zhu) get together, it’s almost always a must-read. Their recent essay highlights their investment thesis for bitcoin, identifying three major global trends that could drive significant demand for the asset in the future. This serves as a pretty nice refresher for any of you folks that have lost hope.


🎮 Ripple Just Made a Massive Bet on Gaming

Payments company Ripple has set its sights on a new domain: video games.

Ripple’s Xpring initiative, which focuses on supporting blockchain projects in a variety of industries, yesterday announced that it will invest $100 million in unspecified game developers working with blockchain.

The fund, though provided fully by Ripple, will be managed by Forte, a company that launched last month and is developing blockchain products and platforms for the gaming industry.



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Developer Report

Electric Captial fingerprinted 20,000+ code repos and 16M commits to create this Q1 2019 Dev Report. This is the first part of a series of reports that dig in to where crypto developers are focused.

⚡ Get your cliffnotes & report highlights right here.


Is Altcoin Season Really Back?

It’s been a while since we highlighted some altcoin speculation, so here it goes…

Simply put, many altcoins have been pumping as of late – leaving us with 1M/7D market performance pictures not seen since mid-2018. It’s been a pretty hot topic in the cryptoverse. On one side, you have folks trying to figure out what’s on, while others are trying to decide if its already too late to profit on the sudden boom.


Delphi Digital Releases Analysis of Ethereum

Delphi Digital, a New York-based digital asset research company, just released a monster, in-depth report on Ethereum. This includes both short-term and long-term outlooks, value drivers, and key concerns.



Tear Up Your Cable Bill and Profit in the Process

A brand-new technology – code named “Halo-Fi” – could kill off your overpriced cable company for good… beaming lightning-fast internet to your home for an estimated $7 a month.

Want to stop cutting checks and start cashing them?

Click here for more details…



Leaders of “OneCoin,” a Multibillion-Dollar Pyramid Scheme Arrested

Since 2016, authorities from around the globe were warning investors of fraud from OneCoin – a multi-level pyramid marketing scheme based in Bulgaria.

This week, the leader of the vicious ploy, was finally arrested for defrauding global investors out of more than (allegedly) $4B – making it one of the largest crypto scams in history.

Remember Bitconnect? This may be worse. OneCoin didn’t even operate with a legitimate blockchain, and those accused allegedly exchanged emails that included the plans to “take the money and run,” due to the simple fact that OneCoins did not exist.


🏛️ SEC Chairman Clayton Just Confirmed that Ethereum (and Cryptos Like it) are Not Securities

CoinCenter – arguably the best cryptocurrency advocacy group geared for policymakers – finally got a response directly from the desk of the SEC Chairman clarifying his thoughts on whether or not Ethereum (and cryptos like it) are considered securities.




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