📌 Coinbase’s Stablecoin, A Groundbreaking BTC Indicator, and Crypto Sharktank


The Inside Stories of Ethereum and Augur

If you are only interested in the price-appreciation aspect of crypto assets, then go ahead and skip this one. But, if you’re the kind of person that enjoys an “under the hood” exploration into the teams behind emerging asset classes, read on…

Nick Paumgarten of The New Yorker gives us a close look into the early days of Ethereum and the minds behind the No. 2 cryptoasset.

In the same vein, Decrypt Media gives us an interesting look into the creation of Augur (REP), the thought-provoking prediction market built on the Ethereum protocol.


Coinbase & Circle Announce The Launch of USDC

Two of the largest crypto companies, Coinbase and Circle, announced this week that they have joined forces in creating a new stablecoin, dubbed USDC. We’re sorry to hit you with yet another stablecoins story during a month of 1:1 madness (thanks to Tether). But as Kyle Samani puts it: This is a “BFD.”

Now let’s take a look at the winners & losers of this announcement:

🏆 Winners:

  • Consumers
    Traders and retail investors like you and me can now use the user-friendly Coinbase app to send and receive USDC, while remaining confident the value is stable.
  • Exchanges, dApps, Developers, and Fintech companies
    USDC follows the ERC20 standard, which means it can be used with anyone using Ethereum’s public blockchain. This is great news for the burgeoning ecosystem of crypto programs, dApps, exchanges, and blockchain-based games who want to interact without taking on balance sheet risk.
  • Ethereum
    Between PAX and Gemini, Ethereum already has nearly $100M in USD-backed tokens on their network (with USDC now joining them). Despite what people say about the ETH token use case, the Ethereum network continues to dominate the public blockchain space.

👎 Losers:

  • None other than, you guessed it – Tether (USDT)
    A stablecoin that has the legitimate backing of Coinbase and Circle is immediately more reputable than Tether which has had non-stop controversy over the past year.



Did the SEC Open the Floodgates to a New Investment?

The Securities and Exchange Commission played no small part in opening the floodgates on a new investment by telling investors to be “open” to this new technology.

Since then, investors have been flocking to it. And now, these investments have created a unique type of income stream. These aren’t CDs, bonds, real estate, dividend stocks… or anything boring like that. You can get started with a small stake… And see as much as $44,740.

Details on this New Investment Now Available. (Hurry. Details closing soon.)



Introducing The Bitcoin Network Momentum

If you were a fan of Willy Woo’s classic NVT Ratio (a way to value tokens and discover bubble territories), then you’ll want to check this out…

Bitcoin Network Momentum was recently introduced by PositiveCrypto… and it’s a new and potential groundbreaking indicator for bitcoin’s foreseeable price.

You can learn more about the BNM indicator here. Or check out the interactive view on Willy Woo’s website here.


Big Week For Crypto Reports… But We’ve Got You Covered

It’s been an interesting week for crypto reports, but to make it easy for you we compiled the top three from the past week and provided some interesting findings, respectively.


How Can Bitcoin Stabilize If It’s a Keynesian Beauty Contest?

Keynesian Beauty Contests, Nash Equilibriums…

Intimidating phrases, but don’t let them dissuade you from reading Tony Sheng’s most recent article where he explores a few plausible paths to Bitcoin’s stability. Whether that stability happens at a high price, zero, or somewhere in between remains to be seen.

Want to dig deeper? Tony’s article from September, ‘The Narrative Bubble Loop‘ is a great pairing.


Post-Bitcoin Maximalism: A Call For Embracing The Currency Competition

Here’s a post that was sure to ruffle up some feathers. Ferdous Bhai takes a look at the growing “cult” of Bitcoin maximalism and the dangers that the ideology may present. Agree with him or not, he makes some interesting points in this controversial essay.

“True decentralization is when there are many competing money projects, not just one. May the meritocracy win.”


🏅 The Battle of Two Narratives: SOV vs. Digital Gold

Two of the main narratives around Bitcoin are the Digital Gold and Store of Value (SOV) use cases. These two narratives often go together, but let’s take a step back and explore them separately – in layman terms – as we often hear too much clamor about each.



The SEC Is Setting Up a New Division For ICO Startups

On Thursday, the SEC announced plans to open a new division with the mission of educating financial technology startups (including ICOs) on the regulations relevant to their business.

Meet FinHub. This Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology will be the go-to spot for information on regulations that relate to financial technology and ICOs. Companies will be able to talk face-to-face with regulators at FinHub to ensure that they are compliant with regulations.



Instead of a chart, this week we’re doing something a little different. Our first Tweet of the Week comes from Nick Hellmann highlighting what Monero (XMR) recently accomplished. For more details on the significance of Bulletproof, click here.

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