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Flagship Crypto Exchanges Team Up With Legacy Giants

Two partnerships among some of the biggest names in the crypto and legacy worlds were announced last week, as Visa teamed up with FTX and Google partnered with Coinbase.

Visa <> FTX Debit Cards

Payment giant Visa, who is no stranger to crypto with more than 70 partnerships, is expanding the range of its FTX debit card, which was launched nine months ago in the U.S.

The card, which links directly to a user’s FTX account, will now be available in over 40 countries, with a focus on Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Crypto has seen its most daily use in developing countries, so a crypto debit card is a natural fit for those areas mentioned above.

The move is also beneficial for Visa. The crypto wave is coming, regardless of whether traditional finance companies like it. Visa is wise to ride the wave instead of trying to swim against it.

Ultimately, this is an exciting step forward toward the mass adoption of crypto.

Google Cloud <> Coinbase

Coinbase has been on fire with partnerships lately, and they just added another one.

Starting next year, select customers can pay for Google Cloud services using crypto. To facilitate this, Google has partnered with Coinbase. Google is also exploring using Coinbase Prime, Coinbase’s institutional trading platform.

In return, Coinbase is moving some of its data from Amazon Web Services over to Google Cloud.

Although the exact details of the deal remain cloudy, investors responded extremely positively to the news. Coinbase shares jumped 8% after the announcement, a welcome sight for a stock down 70% for the year.

With partnerships like Blackrock and Google, Coinbase’s stock might not be down for much longer.

As for Google, it wasn’t too long ago (2018) when we witnessed the company cracking down on crypto-related advertising. The company literally never used to allow crypto ads on its network. Now, it’s allowing people to use crypto to purchase its services. Ohhh, how the tides have turned. 😉

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