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Bitcoin Touches New Milestone

It’s December of 2021. The markets are sh*tting the bed. A new COVID variant has freaked everyone out again. Eggnog and Christmas gifts are more expensive than ever before… and making matters worse, Bitcoin is down ~27% in a little over a month!

Ah, let’s cheer up…

It’s December 2021. The markets are cooling off after an incredible 20-year bull. You’re probably not sick. And you’ve just learned that Bitcoin hit yet another milestone, despite being up 100%-plus YTD.

As of Monday morning, 90% of all Bitcoin has been mined. The feat means 18.89 million BTC – of a maximum of 21 million – are now on the open market.

Reaching the milestone took nearly 12 years since the first BTC was mined on Jan. 9, 2009. And while the remaining supply is not expected to be mined until 2140, you find yourself longing a life-changing fixed asset with a quickly diminishing supply… all while inflation is eating your fiat at the highest rate in 39 years.

Not a bad spot to be in.

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