📌 Bitcoin Roadmap for 2019, Blockchain Lobbyists, and Into the CØSMOS


The Bitcoin Bank Back from the Dead with Billions at Stake

The notorious Tokyo-based crypto exchange, Mt. Gox, collapsed in 2014 after losing $400 million. Five years later, it’s worth $1.2 billion and everyone wants a cut.

Join us in unwinding the sordid tale of a well-meaning, cat-loving, computer coding French genius, and a unicorn-loving Silicon Valley visionary and how they came to be waging a Harry Potter-esque and very public battle over the company that would not die.

  • 🏆 The prize: $1.2 billion worth of assets
  • 😡 The stakes: the hard-earned savings of thousands of people


CBOE Halts Bitcoin Futures, Considering Conceding Market to CME

The CBOE Futures Exchange has decided to not add a bitcoin (XBT) futures contract for March. The move comes at time when bitcoin trading volumes have seen more than 80% declines since early 2018.

While it may seem like a bearish headline at first, it’s important to recognize that the CBOE has been getting out right crushed in terms of volume by it’s rival, CME, for quite a while now.



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Into the CØSMOS: Investment Thesis

The biggest splash, by far, in this week’s realm of crypto news was the mainnet launch of Cosmos – the highly anticipated project promising blockchain interoperability.

The mission-driven Cosmos team has been heads down building for the past 4+ years and has the potential to push the entire cryptocurrency industry forward by enabling cross-chain token interoperability and a scalable infrastructure with instant finality and a better UX for dApp developers.

Want to learn more? Here’s Proof-of-Work on how Cosmos could be a massive power-up for BTC… and Spencer Noon on why the Ethereum community has already given their stamp of approval.


3 Moments in History that Explain the ICO Bubble

We can safely say the ICO bubble is over now. So let’s take moment to reflect. In this deeeep dive, Haseeb Qureshi examines three major moments in history (p2p file sharing, 90s penny stock boom, Dotcom era) that illuminate three separate social dynamics that were at play in the recent ICO frenzy.


Bitcoin Roadmap for 2019: Schnorr, Dandelion, and More

Thanks to a vibrant developer ecosystem, bitcoin’s protocol has been steadily improving year after year.

But we shouldn’t lose track of it. Investors need to be aware of significant update proposals as major changes to BTC could potentially impact the price. Additionally, contentious proposals could even lead to hard forks (as the SegWit2 proposal inspired the creation of Bitcoin Cash).

So, without further ado, here’s your investor’s guide to this year’s bitcoin technical roadmap…



Is This America’s Next Big Bankruptcy?

The man who predicted the collapse of GM, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and more says the next big bankruptcy is going to catch everyone by surprise – and has a stunning twist that will dramatically affect you and your money.

Multi-millionaire issues this serious warning here…



Inside the Blockchain Lobbying Boom

Lobbying on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology underpinning them is a niche but growing industry Politico reports. The number of entities that reported lobbying on blockchain issues has nearly tripled over the past year, from a dozen in the fourth quarter of 2017 to 33 in the final quarter of 2018.


Electronic Cash, Decentralized Exchange, and the Constitution

Next generation cryptocurrencies are already here and we can expect robust privacy to be built into all public blockchains eventually. Intermediaries will have less information. So what does this mean for financial surveillance? This report lays out why any attempt to extend financial surveillance requirements to developers of cryptocurrencies is a non-starter.

Peter Van Valkenburgh spoke about the paper at the recent MIT Bitcoin Expo. You can watch the panel, beginning at 4:15:00, here.




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