📌 Credit Card Bans, Crypto Utopia, Rethinking NVT Ratio


Bitcoin Ban Expands Across Credit Cards as Big U.S. Banks Recoil

Bitcoin has lost more than half its value since Dec. 18, falling below $8,000 on Friday for the first time since November. The drop occurred amid escalating regulatory threats around the world, fear of price manipulation and Facebook Inc.’s ban on ads or cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings.

Now, cutting off card purchases could exacerbate those pressures by making it more difficult for enthusiasts to buy into the market.

Worries Grow That the Price of bitcoin is Being Propped Up

A growing number of virtual currency investors are worried that the prices of Bitcoin and other digital tokens have been artificially propped up by a widely used exchange called Bitfinex, which has a checkered history of hacks and opaque business practices.


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How Blockchain Could Kill Both Cable and Netflix

While the internet has created new ways to consume content, the creation and distribution of high quality shows has still been dominated by a small number of players, studios, TV networks, cable providers, and aggregators like Netflix.

Blockchain technology has the ability to fundamentally disrupt the entertainment industry by breaking the monopoly and replacing the centralized gate-keepers with a peer-to-peer network.

Making a Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico

Dozens of entrepreneurs, made newly wealthy by blockchain and cryptocurrencies, are heading en masse to Puerto Rico this winter.

They are selling their homes and cars in California and establishing residency on the Caribbean island in hopes of avoiding what they see as onerous state and federal taxes on their growing fortunes, some of which now reach into the billions of dollars.

Bitcoin’s Crashing? That Won’t Stop Arbitrage Traders From Raking in Millions

Hedge funds, high frequency traders, and amateurs are all giving cryptocurrency arbitrages a try. The price of bitcoin on different exchanges can often diverge due to glitches or network traffic jams and even national holidays. At times of heavy bitcoin trading in recent months, price differences between exchanges have widened to 10% or more, or thousands of dollars, and in some cases persisted for days, market observers say.


Blockchain Platforms: One Chain to Rule Them All?

2017 was the year that blockchain made its way into the mainstream’s consciousness. To the outside world, today’s hot topics are “is Bitcoin a bubble”, and “where can I get Ripple?” But people are missing the point. They’re missing the fundamental question that we should all be asking.

a16z Podcast: Mental Models for Understanding Crypto Tokens

The latest episode of the a16z Podcast (always a must-listen) features Nick Tomaino, the founder of early-stage crypto venture fund 1confirmation, editor of The Control, and former business development at Coinbase. In this episode, Nick and host Chris Dixon, discuss everything from mental models for understanding tokens and what may give them long-term value; to the role of stablecoins in the ecosystem; to scaling, on-chain and off-chain protocols, forks, and more.

How Scammers Steal Your Computing Power to Mine Cryptocurrencies

While most common in the sketchier corners of the internet, hackers have been able to inject what is known as cryptojacking software onto websites like Showtime, Starbucks and even through Youtube Ads.

Rethinking Network Value to Transactions (NVT) Ratio

Dmitry Kalichkin of Cryptolab Capital has reworked the popular “crypto PE ratio” popularized by Chris Burninske, Willy Woo and Coinmetrics by implementing different moving average periods into the equation.


SEC Halts Alleged Initial Coin Offering Scam

The Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a court order halting an allegedly fraudulent initial coin offering (ICO) that targeted retail investors to fund what it claimed to be the world’s first “decentralized bank.”

Interview With India’s Three Largest Exchanges: Cryptocurrency Ban Rumors are FUD

Earlier this week, many reports falsely suggested that the Indian government banned cryptocurrency trading and the entire cryptocurrency market. Cointelegraph spoke to India’s three largest cryptocurrency exchanges, which unanimously stated that the cryptocurrency ban rumors are nothing more than FUD.

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