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The Dark Web’s Favorite Cryptocurrency is Less Untraceable Than It Seems

As discerning dark web drug dealers and hackers have figured that Bitcoin is not magically private money, many have turned to Monero, a digital coin that promises a far higher degree of anonymity and untraceability. But one group of researchers has found that Monero’s privacy protections, while better than Bitcoin’s, still aren’t the cloak of invisibility they might seem.

Coinbase is adding support for ERC20

On Monday, Coinbase announced that it is paving the way for future token additions with the support of ERC-20 tokens, though they aren’t giving any hints about what tokens they might be.

How a Billionaire Built the #1 Exchange in Just 8 Months

Even in a cryptocurrency industry teeming with overnight success stories, Zhao Changpeng stands out.

In less than eight months, the founder of Binance has steered his company to a $200 million profit in its second quarter of existence, and amassed a personal fortune that he claims is worth as much as $2 billion.


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Ethereum Falls After Rumors of a Powerful Mining Chip Surface

Rumors are swirling through the cryptocurrency market that a new ASIC mining rig from Bitmain is being built specifically for Ethereum mining, with some seeing this as an attack on the network.

Telegram Raises another $850 Million For Largest ICO Ever

Messaging app Telegram has raised an additional $850 million for its initial coin offering, according to documents filed with the SEC on Thursday. The funding means that Telegram has raised a total of $1.7 billion so far for what will likely be the largest ICO in history.


A Guide to Common US Crypto Tax Scenarios

With US tax day less than a month away, crypto portfolio & tax manager, CoinTracker, has been getting swarmed with questions about how to treat crypto taxes.

Here is a roundup of answers to the most common questions the service has been seeing from a variety of sources and from talking to dozens of crypto CPA and enrolled agents.

On the Scalability of Blockchains

Bitcoin and Ethereum, the most widely used blockchains, cannot currently support mainstream transaction usage. They are both supporting mainstream investment usage today, but if blockchains ever become useful for anything beyond investment, new solutions must be created. Here’s a look at the various approaches being attempted.

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Insurance

While technology has permanently changed entire industries wholesale over the past decade, the multi-trillion-dollar global insurance industry in many ways, is still stuck in the past.


World’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Is Heading to Malta

Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by traded value, is seeking a fresh start in the Mediterranean.

Tennessee Now Legally Recognizes Blockchain Transactions and Smart Contracts

The governor of Tennessee signed a bill recognizing the legal authority to use Blockchain technology and smart contracts for electronic transactions on March 22, according to legislative tracking site Legiscan. Here’s a quick summary of the bill.


Bitcoin’s (BTC) path to $100,000…

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