📌 2019 Expectations, Hardware Wallets Fails, and Facebook’s Cryptocurrency


The Most Essential Long Reads of 2018

Simply put, this is the best crypto content of 2018 — the most interesting, influential & inflammatory threads and essays. You may not agree with everything here, but you can’t ignore it.


What to Expect for Crypto in 2019

For those looking to get a clearer picture of the entire crypto landscape, we highly recommend this widely circulated essay from Arjun Balaji.

As 2019 is finally upon us, Arjun not only provides a rational look into the near-future, but also lays out an insightful “turn of the year investor perspective” that summarizes where things are today.

Bonus: While we’re on the topic, here’s a post from minds at Token Daily, offering another armchair of fortune telling for the new year.


TIME: Why Bitcoin Matters for Freedom

It’s mind-boggling that in today’s high-tech world, ordinary people still greatly struggle with economic freedoms. People work their entire lives without any access to the banking system – or even worse – can’t trust their own government.

Next time someone asks, “Why Bitcoin?” – send them this piece from Time Magazine. (For the record, it’s about time we stumbled upon an established, mainstream media publisher that doesn’t relentlessly bash crypto.)



If You Missed 2017’s Crypto Gains…

The good news is… you have another opportunity right now. The bad news is – it’ll be the last chance any of us ever get at anywhere near today’s prices. A crypto miner and cryptography expert predicts gains of 500% for Bitcoin – and far more for certain smaller coins — beginning January 24.

He explains exactly why, right here.



POOF Goes Your Crypto…

A phishing attack on the Electrum wallet network last week has managed to steal around 245 BTC, worth over $950,000 at today’s prices. Here’s how the thieves got away with it this time…

Clearly, instances of wallet hacks are still on the rise as criminals seek an easy path to rich rewards. So to provide a little extra education… we also wanted to share a neat (unsettling) video Wallet.fail released over the holidays.

Their goal? To break the most popular cryptocurrency hardware wallets available today…

Here’s the response from both Trezor & Ledger.


A Data-Driven Look at dApp Adoption in 2018

2018 was the year when crypto went from mainstream hype and speculation mania to a sobering price crash. While most mainstream headlines have focused on the price crash, most people in the space are well aware that a lot of interesting products are currently being built out.

Although dApps are pretty far from any meaningful adoption, in this post, Dune Analytics, explores data to answer the biggest question for dApps of the last year. What did dApp usage in 2018 really look like?


Report: Use of Cryptocurrencies for Remittance Is Growing in Popularity

new report by a blockchain-focused research company asserts that there has been a spike in people using cryptocurrencies to send remittances. This growth is in part due to the high costs incurred when using more traditional methods such as Paypal.

The value of remittances being sent overseas from the U.S. is greater than ever, with the World Bank Data stating that over $148 billion was sent abroad in 2017. With an increasingly interconnected world sending money back home, migrants are looking for easier ways to cut costs and avoid getting ripped off by banks and other middlemen.





Lawmakers Look to Change SEC’s 72-year-old Securities Definition to Exclude Cryptocurrencies

Crypto founders and investors have pushed back on the idea that stocks and cryptocurrencies should be defined by the same rulebook. Two congressmen are looking to change that with the “Token Taxonomy Act,” a bipartisan bill being introduced to the House.

This would amend the Securities Exchange Act, which established the current structure for what a security is, and adds a new definition for “digital tokens.” Katherine Wu gives her take on the SEC’s actions.




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