📌 Understanding Lightning Network, Telegram ICO, and Your Chart of the Week


Handing Your Happiness to Mr. (Crypto) Market

The crypto market is hurting, but here’s the truth: no one knows how far we’ll fall. If 2018 truly echoes 2014, then we could very well be in for another ~50% drop from here.

So now is a good to remind yourself that in the coming years we’ll see a new all time high. This is not a matter of if, but of when.

But trying to predict when, or craving for when, is a recipe for suffering in crypto. So don’t get attached to the timing of the prediction, or the prediction at all.

Understanding Lightning Network Using an Abacus

Here’s a simple yet useful explanation of how Lightning Network actually works. There are some obvious things missing from this explanation, like what happens when you are buying actual goods like coffee, but nonetheless it is a very effective introduction.


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Hedge Fund Morgan Creek Acquires Full Tilt Capital for Blockchain Push

It’s not everyday that one hears of a venture firm getting acquired, and it’s not always clear what it actually means and what assets are effectively part of the transaction.

But just two months after going all-in on crypto, venture firm Full Tilt Capital LLC has been acquired by a hedge fund looking to make a big bet on blockchain.

Coincheck, Roiled by Hack, Might Have Found Its White Knight

Coincheck Inc., the Japanese cryptocurrency exchange that suffered one of the industry’s worst hacks and lost customer assets worth more than $500 million, is in line for a rescue. [paywall]


Considering the Telegram ICO? Proceed with Caution

Investors and experts in the crypto space have published a variety of opinions on the Telegram token sale (we at CoinSnacks have certainly voiced our opinion in the past) — some claim it’s a scam, while others argue that it’s an amazing opportunity to invest early in a foundational platform.

This article summarizes these viewpoints into a list of five pros and five cons of investing in the Telegram token sale, while also comparing it to two other established messaging platforms that have ICOed: Kik and YouNow.

Fraudulent Data Provided on CoinMarketCap Distorts Entire Crypto Market Perception

This will be a hotly debated subject, but it is worthing being aware of the situation. The question: how detrimental is incorrect information listed on CoinMarketCap to the crypto industry?


Massachusetts Censures Five ICO Crypto Startups in a Single Day

Across Platforms, Sparkco, Pink Ribbon, Mattervest, and 18 Moons were all issued formal Consent Orders this week, outlining their missteps and remedies they must take to avoid further prosecution.

Mailchimp is Shutting Down ICO and Blockchain-related Emails, and People Are Freaking Out

Consider this a shot across the bow of the entire ICO and blockchain-related sector: email marketing service Mailchimp recently enacted a policy shutting off Blockchain and ICO related accounts.


Bitcoin (BTC) may be heading to a re-test of the Feb 6th lows, just below $6,000. Place your stink bids as there’s about a 50% chance of it occuring.

Plenty of people are looking to buy at $4,000, but hitting that level is less likely. We recommend placing some stink bids at $6,000 or higher (if you’re trying to exploit the volatility here). Bids placed at $4,000 probably only have a 10 – 20% chance (max) of being filled.

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